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Now you can keep your business to yourself and save a fortune on consultancy fees with our business briefs.

The emphasis is on concise, precise, bang up-to-date hot information and contacts. You will not have to read through pages of waffle to find the information you need. Our briefs are 2-5 pages long and always give names of people or organizations you can contact directly, by-passing the middlemen. They are stored electronically and printed, faxed or emailed on receipt of your order. This means they can be updated every day if necessary.

Finding all this information would take you weeks of writing letters and making phone calls, if you knew where to start. In contrast, our reports cost just $50 each. Give yourself a head start - get the information from our business briefs. Delivery is via email only.

Baltic banking inside track
Latvia is perhaps the hottest place to open a corporate offshore bank account these days. But not everybody trusts former Russian Communist bankers to look after their money, specially following the spectacular failure of Paritate Bank which specifically targeted the PT market. Before you invest thousands of dollars, spend $50 to benefit from our researchers' experiences on the ground there, and their independent advice. Find out the answers to these questions:  
  • How safe is it really
  • We say it's safe, if you follow our advice.
  • Which banks are the best, and which to avoid.
  • One Latvian company on the net which pretends to be a bank but isn't - and worse, it "loses" depositors' money.
  • What can we learn from the failure of Paritate, a Latvian bank owned by US citizens?
  • How stable are other Latvian banks? And where do the Latvians themselves bank?.
  • The anonymous numbered debit card: like an Austrian Sparbuch, only it works internationally - we review and reveal all. Learn where to open this account, even by mail, without paying fortunes to intermediaries. Save many times the cost of this report!
  • The anonymous numbered wire transfer account and how you can open one.
  • How to get secured credit cards by mail from Latvia.
  • Dos and don'ts when making large cash transactions.
  • Do account opening papers have to be notarized? Are there ways around it?
  • The best internet banking facilities.
  • Estonia signs the Hague Convention: a big benefit for PT bankers!
  • Estonian tax-free companies reviewed.
  • Lithuania is not known for high finance, but are there opportunities there?
Order this report today. OK it costs $50, but if you use the info it contains, you could easily be saving that per transaction on bank wire charge.

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